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Considering the current sanitary crisis and to allow our students to calmly and safely work, the 1st semester classes for the 2020/2021 academic year will take place online using videoconferences and online resources. For students who would rather like to come to study into CYTech buildings, it will of course be possible as far as the lockdown measures are removed. Classes, will stay online even for those students but teachers will be present for support.

There are still some places open in the Bachelor Ygrec. Students can apply to our Bachelor Y until the 15th of July 2020.

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Data science, cyber security, economic and financial engineering, artificial intelligence… are all great challenges which companies face today and which require new and sharp skills.


The University Paris Seine is currently setting up a new programme: International Bachelor Ygrec in Modelling and Data Science.

This is a challenge based programme for excellent and curious students, taught exclusively in English, with a curriculum designed to have an impact on the world of tomorrow. Students will receive the best quality teaching inspired from  “classes preparatoires”, engineering schools and university teaching, combined with the ability to learn through innovative pedagogy and openness to research and challenges of the 21st century.

It features a backbone in Mathematics, and applications to economy, finance, statistics, mathematical modeling, data analysis, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and aims to train future top scientists, engineers and managers, both French and English speaking, open to the global complexity of the world.


Description of the programme

The programme spans over 4+1 years.

4 years are spent preparing the “International Bachelor Ygrec in Modelling and Data Science” which is completely taught in English.

After 3 years, students will obtain a national undergraduate diploma in Computer Science (Licence).

After completing the 4th year of the course, students obtain a Bachelor’s degree and may decide to begin their professional career or to continue studying for one extra year (4+1).

If they want to follow the 4+1 programme, they will choose specialization modules at the beginning of the 4th year, according to their career project: entering an engineering school or pursuing with a second year of a Master’s programme. They will obtain either an Engineering School diploma or a national Master’s degree at the end of the optional (5th) year.


Programme Design

The International Bachelor Ygrec in Modelling and Data Science combines high demanding academic pedagogy (50 %) with alternative pedagogy addressing challenges through problem solving and project driving (35%) as welle as time for discovring and sharing (15%).

The Bachelor also enables the students to design their curriculum progressively: during the 1st and, second years, priority is given to learning the basics and building scientific foundations together with a choice deeper modules. During the 3rd and, fourth years, basic courses will have a less critical part, and students will strengthen their area of expertise with emphasis given to deeper modules.


The aim of the Bachelor Ygrec

The aim of the Bachelor course is to enable students to tackle the latest IT and data challenges and prepare them to become managers who fully understand their specialisation and the role it plays in our ever-changing world. Knowledge acquired in the classroom is applied to real situations such as immersion projects. Specialist professors or professionals will also intervene regularly to provide constant updates on subject matter and current issues throughout the course via conferences or workshops. Students play not only a very active role in their learning process, but they also create groups and networks with professionals, fellow students and teachers from different countries to work together and share ideas. Interships each year allow students to be closely related to companies or research laboratories.



The innovation studying approach

The Bachelor Ygrec in Modelling and Data Science prepare students to tomorrow professions that do not exist. The Bachelor participants are full actors of their own learning :

  • Learning for doing.

  • Doing to learn.

  • Learn from doing.


The main features of Bachelor Ygrec in Modelling and Data Science

  • An adapted and progressive programme design which meets the requirements of students' needs.

  • An international experience through academic studies abroad with an intercampus mobility (Sinqapore)  or a mobility in a partner university.

  • An incorporated internship experience since the first year of the programme for a consecutive four years during the study further strengthens the soft-skills of personal development.

  • The ability to apply what has acquired from the classroom on the current issues either in group work or in case-study to train the problem-solving capacity.

  • The intervention of professional expert or weekly renowned lectures from such as CNRS to bring a global vision to our student to give them the understanding and establish the future relation network.

  • A transformative pedagogy on which the student is actor of his training. Each year, students conduct a project, either with a team or with a personal.

  • The opportunity to obtain up to 3 degrees: Licence, Bachelor (4 years’ study) and the option of either an Engineering school degree or University Master degree if a student continues the 5th year.

  • An individual laptop with 80 software pre-installed is offered (value of the machine 2500 €) free of use for all bachelor participants during their study.


New on International Mobility

The international Bachelor Ygrec will open on the Singapour campus on September 2020.


Job opportunities

Many professional activities can be targeted such as:











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