Dates for the diary

The school year is punctuated by events organized by both the BDE (Students’ Union) and by the administration of the EISTI, for the pleasure of all.


The pride of families, and the pleasure of our associates: the graduation ceremony, handing over the certificate to our students. An intense moment in the life of an Eistien, where everything suddenly becomes worth it, a door opening to a shining new professional future. The graduation ceremony always takes place at the start of October.


Partying together, sharing a dance and a glass of champagne: the gala follows the graduation ceremony, allowing everyone to share a special time before a new school year or professional future beckons. Thanks to the unrivalled organization of the BDE, school years mix and mingle, everybody gets their picture taken with their friends and teachers, the big boss dances up a frenzy: anything and everything can and does happen at the gala!


The Integration Weekend brings together former students, current students and new arrivals. Organized by the BDE and taking place in a touristic setting, this weekend mixes festive and sporting activities, and aims to bring all participants closer together. Unforgettable for anyone who attends, it is THE moment in the Eistien calendar.


Every Christmas the BDE organizes a present exchange: anyone wanting to take part places a present under the tree, ready to be opened by an (unknown) other participant, in a pot-luck manner. Giggles are often to be had all round at this party when the presents are opened!


Every year the BDE (Students’ Union) changes. Those different groups who want to be elected as the reigning BDE present themselves and show us what they have! Parties, events, and sporting challenges – they do everything in their power to show us that they will be the best ones to organize the whole school year. The campaigns end with a leaders’ contest: the outgoing BDE will organize a competition between the presidents of the groups for the new BDE, in order to help make up the minds of the voters. Those who can’t handle fun should definitely not come!


At the end of the campaigns, and after the leaders’ contest, only one group is elected, in the purest tradition of democracy. The outgoing BDE will organize the election and make sure that the conditions are correct: after the votes are counted, the declaration is made as to which president will, with their team, undertake the hard task of running the school’s activities for a whole year!


The DZT is prepared for over a long period: one night, during which sketches and videos will give everyone their moment of glory. Making fun of the teachers, remembering the trouble they had (or got into), combining humor and emotion in an environment which is sometimes difficult to leave. A special time for the teachers and administrative staff as much as for the students, everyone united for life by the EISTI state of mind.


A few years ago, the former students of Pau created the ‘Week-end des Anciens’, which is organized with Le Cercle (the association of former students) on the Aquitanian coast. Sure to become THE yearly moment in the lives of former students, there are more and more regulars who are attending, with their families; finding the time to relive their student life for a weekend. Administrative and teaching staff will join the former students, bringing back to life the big family EISTI.