Values to succeed

Our charter is made up of four strong values allowing each and every person at the EISTI to flourish during their time here, and after. The charter and all it stands for leaves a mark on our students, notably showing during their professional path and development. Our former students often make reference to the charter, and their networks are sensitive to it. Being an Eistien is a way of being, acting and thinking on a daily basis. With each new school year, the charter is presented to everybody at the school, in order for the school’s philosophy to become completely integrated in their way of thinking, acting and being.




  • Appreciating group work

  • Bringing together individual talent and collective success

  • Ensuring the trust of businesses


  • Remaining curious of the lives of others

    • Going to others in order to enrich one’s knowledge and sharing one’s own with them

    • Daring to share

    • Questioning oneself 

  • Being proof of humility;

    • Ignoring useless assumptions

    • Avoiding arrogance and self-satisfaction


  • Showing solidarity to our elders as well as those younger than us

  • Making helping others a natural reflex

  • Listening respectfully to others

  • Keeping the solidarity between different school-years


  • Respecting the work of one’s teachers and colleagues

  • Carrying out the expected work

  • Not giving up, facing difficulties head-on

  • Being involved on one’s internship: serious, rigorous, taking initiative