The school of every possibility

As an engineering school officially recognised by the State and made competent by the CTI (French Engineering accreditation institution) the EISTI’s vocation is to train future engineers in Mathematics and Computering. 

Beyond building a professional career with you, initiating a promising future

Whether it is in the field of finance or the vast and diverse industry of new technologies, the EISTI leads its students to over 50 different jobs in highly diverse sectors of activity.

In an ever-mutating world where technologies are replaced at great speed, the EISTI has chosen to stay at the heart of companies’ needs and technological evolution and to train its teaching to help their students reach the most attractive and innovative jobs. (discover our programs)


Internships, international mobility, double diplomas: opening your mind to the world

At the EISTI, periods of internships and professional experience are an integral part of your training, and the network that brings the school together with companies is “high speed” and always active.

Multicultural thinking and international mobility have a key position in the curriculums that we offer. Around 60 partnerships have been tied with establishments throughout the world.

The EISTI is also the school of double diplomas with prestigious universities and management schools. Complementary formations and open-mindedness to a wide scope of expertise are some of the school's core values, and they materialize through our partnerships. For an engineering student, it is yet another occasion to add extra value to their CV.


The Eistian experience: only at the EISTI

Student life here is rich and full of enthusiasm, paced by student society events and intermingling of the different classes. On the two campuses that belong to the school, in Cergy and Pau, everyone joins forces to create a collective atmosphere of work and well-being.

Academic excellence combined with a strong sense of humanism have always brought Eistian culture and spirit to life. The school has elected 4 core values in its charter: Professionalism, Openness, Solidarity and Ethics. They make the EISTI a unique institution and a great place to study while building a promising future for yourself.