Financing your studies at the Pau Campus

State Scholarships

As a school recognized by the French State, the EISTI welcomes students with state scholarships.
Check if you can get a state scholarship by doing a simulation on (only in French) or by ringing +335 56 33 92 17.


Junior Enterprise

Pau’s Junior Enterprise offers special contracts with the world of work.
Any profits made from the projects the students have worked on are redistributed to those students, according to their participation in the work.


In order to get a bank loan

Our agreements with our partner banks, offer our students at the Pau campus the opportunity to finance their studies, without a parental guarantee, at a favorable rate, to be reimbursed from the year after the student starts to work.

  • Société Générale

Solène Charliac
Tel: (+33) 5 59 14 52 61

  • Crédit Agricole

Sébastien Omer
Tel: (+33) 6 80 55 23 27