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The Erasmus programme created in 1987 has reached a new stage in its evolution, and now goes by the name Erasmus+.

To proceed consistently with its actions, the EISTI has obtained the new Erasmus+ Charter for a period stretching from 2014 to 2020, and gets actively involved in the programme to fulfil the objectives that it has committed to.

The Erasmus + programme for Higher Education contributes to creating a European space for Higher Education in which the EISTI takes part by pursuing several objectives including:

  • Improving the quality and reinforcing the European dimension of Higher Education
  • Increasing student, teacher and university staff mobility
  • Strengthening multilateral cooperation
  • Promoting transparency and compatibility between qualifications
  • Internationalising higher educational European institutions.

The Erasmus+ programme encourages mobility-related actions in Europe and abroad for students (for internships or educational exchanges), teaching staff, and higher education establishments’ staff in their entirety.

ERASMUS + Charter 

ERAMUS + Strategy EISTI declaration