Engineering school: 1st year


You will begin your engineering education by following the lessons of the engineering track that you have joined. Teaching revolves around a common core course, with a focus on either mathematics or computer engineering, depending on your branch of choice, which introduces you to new fields of expertise.

850 hours of class are dedicated to strengthening your scientific knowledge, reinforcing your modern languages, and acquiring a deeper understanding of IT, human relations and company management.

A laptop featuring useful software for your training is made available to you throughout the length of your engineering studies.




This first year will reach its conclusion with an internship aimed at helping the student to become familiar with the business world and to put their analysis and programming into practice. Length: 17 weeks starting from June. 


At the end of the 1st year, you will pick a study path for the 2nd year.

Coming soon : 1st year 2016/2017 programs