Student sponsorships

Sponsor a class of student-engineers

Having the privilege to sponsor a whole class for three years means that the company will frequently and actively mentor the class throughout the engineering cycle. In the context of a sports or cultural activity or depending on the sponsor’s wish, a sponsorship day is organised so as to begin building connections. The aim is mutual acquaintance in a friendly and informal environment.

This way, the sponsor develops privileged relationships, made stronger by their potential support of student society actions. They also have the opportunity to take part in the teaching curriculum of the 3rd year options (classes, projects, etc.) and to provide internships, before hiring upon graduation, being naturally invited to and actively taking part in the ceremony.

  • Class of 2013 Sponsor: AUBAY - Philippe CORNETTE (deputy managing director)
  • Class of 2014 Sponsor: BULL - Thierry SIOUFFI (executive vice president - EISTI class of 1986)
  • Class of 2015 Sponsor: CAPGEMINI - Laurent BIZARD (BI project manager - EISTI class of 2004)
  • Class of 2016 Sponsor: CGI - Pierre MÉCHIN (customer relationship manager - EISTI class of 1992)
  • Class of 2017 Sponsor: SOPRA - Marie-Sylvia ACITO (SopraSteria  Banking Software division manager - EISTI class of 1990)


Sponsoring a student society

Each of the EISTI student societies (IT, sports, strategy games, charities, cultural activities, etc.) lets the student-engineers develop their personal investment and their project management skills. By supporting these societies, businesses give students a chance to get involved in to the business world faster. Sponsorships allow companies to increase their visibility among students by associating their image to a sports or cultural event. It is a way to create a privileged relationship with student-engineers by working on  real-life projects.

Choose the student society that you wish to support.

Sponsoring a student

Businesses can sponsor students by offering them scholarships to study and by mentoring them all through their training