Projects: Involving students


Businesses can entrust groups of students with work via projects. 

The EISTI relies on project pedagogy, which values pluridisciplinary teamwork. Following this teaching method, 2nd and 3rd year students complete their theoretical training by carrying out a team project which puts them in a more real professional situation. The students have to manage a mission from start to finish, face to face with a business client. This approach develops the future engineers’ autonomy and heightens their level of responsibility.

There are two types of projects available: the business project and the final study project

  • The business project concerns a question which applies to a firm and is chosen by it. For the 3rd year students, this project must match their chosen option of specialisation. Companies can also have potential future collaborator students take part in missions depending on their needs, which will place them at the heart of their real-life activity.
  • The final study project is aimed at 3rd year students and must necessarily include a research dimension.


In groups of 3 to 5, the student-engineers carry out their projects under the supervision of a teacher, with a strong level of autonomy. Whole periods of work-time are dedicated to this, since project work is an integral part of curriculum education. The project team has to manage the link with their company entirely and throughout the job. The future engineers can then acquire some experience of the relationship with a client. This direct link between a business and its project team also makes the collaboration more efficient and allows for the best possible response to its needs.

The projects are finalised with a report and a defence.

For any further information about the projects carried out by our students alongside and for businesses, you can contact our Business Relations service at