Becoming an engineer, a propitious choice for your future

In this day and age, we need experts to diagnose problems, produce solutions and lead ambitious projects. French engineer training remains a high-quality reference and our engineers are sought out everywhere, both in France and abroad.

Coveted by multinational companies, engineering firms and innovating SMEs, young EISTI graduates leave the school with the promise of a career open to the world and the future


Engineer: a profession unscathed by crises

The latest engineer watch by the IESF (the top French association for engineers) attests to this: engineers enjoy a good global situation and strong hiring dynamics, with close to 100 000 hires a year for a first job or a career development. One third of these recruitments (roughly 33000) concern young graduates, 17% of which are made abroad.

Young graduate engineers who benefit from the best access to jobs come from economic, management, financial auditing and NICT degrees, with the high employability rate for those entering the labour force of close to 90% average.

There were over 800 000 engineers in France in 2013, 36 800 of which were new graduates in training. The number of engineers has been growing these years, by close to 5% per year.


IT Engineer: a universe of ICT

SYNTEC (the federation for French professional unions) has indexed 7 distinct families of professions in IT: Consulting and Expertise, Conception and Development, Project Management, Administration and Exploitation, Training and Counseling, Product and Service Marketing, Teaching and Research.

Most of these jobs are practiced in all the different sectors of activity, everywhere in the world.

In constant evolution, they offer diverse career tracks in permanent pursuit of innovation. In short, one never gets bored when working in ICTs.

You have the freedom to choose the profession that will suit you best with wide job prospects since these industries have a shortage in engineers.

Mathematics engineer: enter the worlds of finance, modeling and data

Numerous new technology fields of today rest heavily on mathematics. Modeling techniques in finance and manufacturing, Big Data, computer simulation, etc. rely on maths. These are domains of advanced evolving expertise in which the EISTI offers to train the mathematic engineers of tomorrow. Again, this expertise gives you access to a wide selection of professions in diverse areas: banking, finance, insurance, environment, health, marketing, manufacturing, and more.