PROJET - M-commerce avatar - DressMeUp

PROJET - M-commerce avatar - DressMeUp

DressMeUp is a Dubai based startup, its objective is to make online shopping more fun, more interactive and more reliable for end users.

The project’s objective is to develop a tool that will give e-commerce end users sizing advice via the use of an virtual avatar. From a few pictures or a short video (taken with a smartphone) you will have to accurately calculate the body measurements and apply it to the virtual avatar of the customer. You will then fit clothes of varying sizes upon the avatar and create a « tension map » to show where the clothes fit and where it is too loose.


Project description

Two different teams should work simultaneously on the two below functions:

  • Extract from photos (or video) real user sizing of the end-user. These have to be precise (< 2%). Help and examples will be provided. Check if the algorithms used do not breach any existing patent. From the user sizing, create an 3D avatar. The avatar must look as realistic as a picture.
  • Dress up the avatar and realize a with various clothes of varying sizes. Creation of a « tension map » to let know the end-user which clothe fit best with his/her silhouette. The characteristics of the material (texture, elasticity..) must be taken into consideration as variables when developing the algorithm


Main technologies

  • Mobile application for Android (100% Oreo compatible)
  • 3D rendering (avatar)
  • Clothes digitalization


Required competences

  • Graphic design (optional)
  • Visual computing
  • Software architecture