Mohammad Isleimeyyeh,Graduated of Master in Quantitative Finance and Risk Management

Mohammad Isleimeyyeh chose the EISTI Master in Quantitative Finance and Risk Management. After his master degree, he has been admitted to a Ph.D Program at Paris Dauphine university. 
Why did you want to study in France and particularly at the EISTI? 
My intention was to continue my postgraduate studies in an institution that ensures a high standard of education, through an abundance of educational facilities, which help students to develop their abilities, competences and intelligence. While doing my research on the internet and newspapers, I learned that France has one of the most prestigious educational systems. This was also confirmed by many qualified professors who finished their studies in France, and sharpened my academic background. 
Another reason I chose to study in France were the tuition fees, which are relatively low compared to other countries like USA or Canada. French government also offers many scholarships for international students and the country has an exceptionally rich cultural heritage, which I wanted to discover. I was eager to integrate into the French culture and its society.  
EISTI provided me with a great opportunity to learn French, while conducting the coursework in English. They also nominated me for Ile de France scholarship, which helped me to finance my studies.
What education did you choose? Why?
EISTI helped me to achieve one of my most important goals, which was to study quantitative finance and risk management. My background was mainly in mathematics applied to economics and I really wanted to deepen my knowledge in finance. The Master in Quantitative Finance and Risk Management was very appealing to me, especially for its various job opportunities. With this education I knew it would be rather easy to find a job in financial industry and work as Derivatives Engineer, Quantitative Market Analyst, Quantitative Portfolio Manager, Quantitative Risk Manager, Control and Performance, or Trader (sell, buy, equities, commodities, FI).
What can you say about the EISTI Life?
I spent one academic year at EISTI, where I lived a joyful student life.  I was surrounded by very motivated and understanding professors and instructors who were good listeners and give very good academic and non-academic instructions. The atmosphere among professors and students was very positive.  Moreover, the dean of the school Mr. Nesim Fintz is truly wise and aware of the students’ needs. Also the international aspects of the school were amazing, especially its cultural side.
What opportunities brought the EISTI diplôma and what happened after the EISTI? 
My master degree from EISTI gave me the opportunity to be admitted to a Ph.D program at Paris Dauphine University.  EISTI continues to support me in many ways during my first year of my doctorate study entitled Financialisation of Commodities Market: Financial investor’s case, at Economics Department.