Thomas Le Page (EISTI 2014): Roundtrip between Europe and Asia

From Edinburgh to Ho Chi Minh City, from Saigon to Glasgow, Thomas Le Page makes the link between Asia and Europe and from EISTI to AMARIS…He shares his experience with us.

When you were in high school, how did you imagine your future career?
At school I was interested in web without being a « geek ». I found out information about EISTI during a student fair in Toulouse. School’s values and promises of a good professional insertion convinced me to choose EISTI.

What is your school background?
I entered EISTI’s preparatory classes in Pau for two years and then joined the engineering curriculum in Computer Science. I chose to seize the opportunities offered by EISTI: a double degree at Grenoble Ecole de Management as well as an academic mobility in Scotland. At Heriot Watt, one of the EISTI’s partner universities, I followed and got a master in Information System Management, thanks to the double degree agreement.

What do you take away from your experience in a foreign university?
With its 22000 students, Heriot Watt is bigger than EISTI; this was completely new to me. I had courses in little groups and also lectures. This experience gave me a strong theoretical basis but I especially enjoyed the diversity of courses (from project management to Information System, including mobile development, network security…). And I also had the opportunity to practice lots of sports.

How did you start your professional career?
Right after my studies in 2014, I found a job in AMARIS, a worldwide consulting company. I started in VIE (International Volunteer in Entreprise) through various missions in different countries: 10 months in Vienna in Austria, then I was in charge of running a project in Vietnam during 15 months. There, I hired a team of 15 persons composed by project managers and developers. Currently, there are about sixty employees in Ho Chi Minh City. But I really wanted to go back to Europe.

What is your current position in the company?
After working in Saigon, I came back to work in Scotland in Glasgow in October 2016 where I created the Information System Audit Department, I currently run this department. I am in charge of certifications, Quality, Health, Safety and Environment projects and Information System integration for example in the framework of acquisitions.

Which advice would you give to students or young graduate students who would like to go and study abroad?
I would tell them to stay open to other cultures and be humble; to be curious in terms of jobs and destinations, and not neglect English, take their time to organize their mobility by chosing a VIE which suited me a lot for example.

EISTI in one word?
I would say ‘Family’ and ‘Science’.