Back to school : Daniel Snorrason

Daniel Snorrason is an Icelandic student that has been graduated in Master in Finance last year. He is giving us some news of his life after the EISTI.

What were your first steps after the EISTI Master ?
After graduating from EISTI I started working at BNP PARIBAS in London. I was working as a link between IT and Risk management, developing risk and production management tools as well as fixing urgent problems and bugs that could come with the release of new code in production. I found this job by creating a very good linkedin profile which resulted in a recruiter contacting me. I would have liked to work in Paris but I found better financial terms proposals in London. Finally there was the language barrier.

What is you current professionnal situation ?
Currently I'm working at the central bank of Iceland in the capital controls unit, on developing monitoring tools for the local fx market, and on supervision of offshore krona assets.

How did the Eisti education influence your career path?.

My education at EISTI obviously put me on this path, and I think my study there helped me a lot. However, as a suggestion I woud say that some practical aspects i.e. Data base management, advanced spreadsheet programming, python, calibration, t-sql etct could be emphasized , as they are almost universally useful as an addition to the skills we built at finance and maths.