Student life

Evolving in a lively school

Studying at the EISTI also means living life at a top engineering school where students share values and activities. Being an eistian is also a way of being and acting every day, by respecting our charter’s four values: Professionalism – Openness – Solidarity- Ethics. Everyone can rely on their schoolmates, teachers and staff from both our campuses. Because human capital is essential to us, now more than ever. Hard work and willpower always prevail.

Student life here is rich and full of animation, paced by the rhythm of the diverse activities that the thirty or so student societies have to offer. There has to be one made for you among them; and if that isn’t the case... why not create your own? 

The festive and favourable intermingling of different years is both lively and warm. It is a place where bonds can be forged, and last far beyond the years of EISTI. During your years at the EISTI, we want you to be able to express your talents, develop new passions, open up to others, feed on rewarding experiences, go through unforgettable moments... In a word: thrive on a personal and collective level.

This well-being is also part of what makes eistians successful. 

In Cergy and Pau, the working environments are both pleasant and functional, and various modern tools contribute to an optimal workflow in your studies: laptops, an online virtual school, videoconferencing and more. The EISTI campuses reflect our values: they are homely, dynamic, friendly, and also well-integrated in their town’s university campuses.


That’s also what it means to be the school of every possibility!