If you wish to confidently make your way into Higher education and to work your way up a path to worry-free excellence, the EISTI Prepa, a real scientific classe préparatoire, is made for you.

A high-standard and quality choice, the EISTI Prepa lets you invest yourself in a curriculum that will bring you in 5 years to an EISTI engineering diploma in mathematics or IT, and much more.




Much more than a classical prepa 

By graduating from the EISTI Prepa, you will benefit from numerous advantages the minute that the two years of study are over:

  • You can join the EISTI engineering curriculum on continuous assessment, and therefore don’t have to pass the competitive entrance exams. 

  • You are automatically admitted to the Cergy-Pontoise University (UCP), whether you are located in Cergy or Pau, and receive 1st-year (L1) validation and a 2nd-year (L2) diploma in Maths-Computer Science from our partner university. 

  • You have the full freedom to choose your orientation and opt for another engineering or a university curriculum. 


Enter Prepa with confidence thanks to personalised tutoring

Thirty hours of class per week spread out from Monday to Friday, with a preserved free Saturday,

  • A scientific MP (Maths/Physics) prepa curriculum including the first notions of computer science. You can discover this field and best prepare yourself to the engineering cycle.

  • Great importance is given to the follow-up of students with personalised tutoring from a teacher and a student life counsellor.

Work through your two years of Prepa in full confidence