Our Pedagogy

Combining knowledge, technical and social skills

Being an engineer means juggling many different types of expertise and information as well as managing relationships and action-taking. Our teaching methods combine theory and practice and emphasize both individual talent and teamwork according to three strategic axeshttps://ci6.googleusercontent.com/proxy/RnNZfQn2o2xpggJQqefCOervMbPIci5mujDPJnvl43kv6Rtxjyh5gHN_JKVzeU-aaGz3pePFgxfoAAtZJZNx8mveVTc-11j98EfuAJVcumUenA=s0-d-e1-ft#https://ssl.gstatic.com/ui/v1/icons/mail/images/cleardot.gif:

•Knowledge (acquiring information),

•Technical skill (applying your knowledge to real-life situations)

•Social skill (practicing professional human relationships).


The project at the heart of our teaching methods: enabling you to actively take part in your education

Our teaching is built around lectures, theoretical and practical classes. Knowledge is acquired in classes with small numbers of students so as to increase efficiency. The school highlights competitive projects combining several class topics, in an effort to promote multidisciplinary teamwork and project management experience. You are in full control of your training.


A team of teachers mobilised for student success

Our tenured teacher-researchers focus on three activities: teaching students and following their projects, state of the art and technology watch, and research. They make classes more dynamic with interventions from participants working in companies and higher education. Campus principals are also teachers: this is an extra asset for counseling students during their courses.

The teaching staff is always available to students to guide and assist them throughout their studies.


Calibrated, innovative technology at your service: The IT school dedicated to your studies

Our engineering students have access to technological means specially adapted to their studies. Laptop PCs are made available to them during the three years of the engineering curriculum. Video conferences are a guarantee that the quality of teaching is equally high on both of our campuses. The Bloomberg room in Cergy is a miniature online trading floor.

The AREL (a workshop for resources and e-learning) portal is our virtual school. Classes, MOOCs, timetables, organisation information and course material are readily available there at all times. However this device does not replace classes: it serves as an additional interactive option.


Internships with companies pace your engineering training at the EISTI

The periods of time dedicated to professional internships are particularly substantial at the EISTI for all our courses (except for the EISTI Prépa): 60 weeks of internships are scheduled over three years so as to give you a chance to experience company life firsthand and become familiar with the labour world. The EISTI creates the optimum conditions for a successful professional integration, and internships are the first, essential step towards that.