Message from the Dean

More than a degree, a future

Nesim Fintz, Dean and Founder

For over thirty years, I have had the honour and pleasure of welcoming thriving young people into the EISTI, destined to a career aimed towards the world of tomorrow, open to emerging jobs and helping to bring to life those that are about to be invented. 

For over thirty years, the engagements that my staff and I share have remained unchanged: to give everyone the tools to craft their own future and be proud of their career.

This engagement goes hand-in-hand with our ever-present will to give students numerous and attractive opportunities to make their profiles richer:

  • Opportunities within the industries of tomorrow: our Options, which are taught during the 3rd year, are real gateways to professions and are regularly refreshed so as to always keep up with companies’ latest needs. The EISTI is at the forefront in all the developing branches of computering such as Big Data or Business Intelligence, and many more
  • Double-diploma opportunities in many different fields of applied mathematics, computering and management with prominent institutions: The universities of Paris Dauphine, Paris Sud, Cergy-Pontoise and Pau et Pays de l’Adour, as well as several equally prestigious business schools such as the Grenoble Ecole de Management and the ESSEC
  • Opportunities to globalise your vision through a variety of multicultural experiences encouraged and made easier by our relations with diverse partners throughout the world.
  • Professional experience opportunities, with internship encompassed in the 3 years of  engineering curriculum
  • Opportunities to discover our region thanks to the two campuses located in Cergy and Pau

What we could call the “school of every possibility”, is also aligned with our pedagogical vision. A vision which brings together engineering and management, whereby knowledge, technical and social skills are permanently intertwined, and individual talents like teamwork spirit are highly valued. In Cergy and Pau, the working environments are both pleasant and functional, and various modern tools are available to provide the best possible workflow: laptop PCs, an online virtual school, videoconferencing and more. Curriculums evolve progressively so as to leave some room for personal reflexion, and include projects that are deeply rooted in the reality of the professional world for maximum employability upon graduation.

Solidarity and respect are equally important school values. Anyone in need can rely on fellow students, teachers or the administrative staff of both campuses, because human capital is more than ever essential to us. Hard work and willpower always prevail.

Student societies bring energy to our campus all year round thanks to their creativity and dynamism. The lively and inclusive intermingling of different classes is both festive and cooperative. It is a place where bonds can form and last far beyond the years of EISTI. This well-being is also part of what makes Eistians successful. The charter which presents our values of Professionalism, Openness, Solidarity and Ethics expresses this unwavering will to combine personal development with professional success.

A future then becomes possible for our students in a wide range of sectors and a variety of positions across the world. Thus, the school shapes free, bold and skillful women and men, open-minded towards the world and others.

Three thousand seven hundred graduates and one thousand three hundred students are the living proof.

Why not you, tomorrow?