PLACIS, the project

A new format to train engineers

trough at-a-distance international and/or industrial multidisciplinary projects carried out collaboratively by students

using the last engineering tools and the new 3.0 semantic and collaborative platform developped within PLACIS.


PLACIS projects for Master students

  • PLACIS projects for Master students are carried out by teams from two universities in two countries.

  • After a PLACIS project, Master students are prepared to the conditions now prevailing in the industrial world, thanks to the multicultural and multidisci­plinary experience they gain.

  • Projects can run almost all year long, each academic partner adding its calendar and students working collaboratively.


Organisation scheme of each semester

A company proposes a project preferably requiring expertise from different engineering fields – or – a company wants to continue a previous project in a new phase.

Industrial and academic partners discuss in order to better define and validate the subject.


Groups of students are formed in both universities in order to create a team (total: 6 to 10 students).

A kick-off meeting (in-person or via video-conference) is organized with all people involved in the project.

Then, students carry out their project while staying in their home university, exchanging data and using the tools of collaborative engineering. They are tutored by the teachers and the industrial company providing the subject.

The performance (final presentation, reports, models, behavior…) is assessed by the industrial partners and the teachers.

PLACIS projects for Bachelor students

  • PLACIS projects for Bachelor students are carried out by part (and later all) of the students in their third year of Bachelor studies.

  • Concretely, the typical course and practical work scheme is replaced in these projects by a learning scheme done via tutored projects : tutoring & resource sessions + project work. The knowledge and competences are gained trough the project.

  • These projects welcome foreign Bachelor students.

  • Some projects are carried out by teams from two universities.

Platform & Tools

The 3.0 platform

In the framework of PLACIS, a new 3.0 platform based partly on Edx was developped :

  • adaptative

  • collaborative

  • semantic

  • social

  • real community place 

  • for each project

  • real learning management 

  • system allowing individual

  • learning path for each

  • student 


Tools used by the students

  • Catia V6

  • Dymola

  • SysML

  • ANSYS tools

  • Simulia

  • Matlab

  • Abaqus

  • Artisan Studio

  • WebEx

  • Skype

  • Sharepoint

Companies & research centers in PLACIS

  • Propose subjects for projects that can be realized during several semesters.

  • Interact regularly with students and academic tutors.

  • Receive the content of the work done by the students.

  • Can assess participating students, who are potential recruits.

  • Gain experience on the most advanced integrated system engineering software and methods they may consider using in the future.

  • Can take advantage of a wide range of academic partners.

Universities & students in PLACIS

  • Have students realizing the projects and teachers & academic staff coaching them.

  • Strengthen ties with the industrial world.

  • Can propose multi-semesters projects to both students and staff.

  • Gain experience on the most advanced integrated system engineering software and methods they may consider using in the future.

  • Can take advantage of new academic partners and improve their position in international education engineering.

  • Can introduce new tools in order to make teachers become coaches in projects based learning made through new toolboxes and methods.

Our partners universities & companies

carte du monde des partenaires PLACIS









Academic partners

  • Polytechnic University of Turin

  • University of Naples Federico II

  • Polytechnic University of Valencia

  • KU Leuven

  • Hochschule Esslingen

  • Riga Technical University

  • Aalto University

  • ENSAM Meknès

  • Georgia Institute of Technology

  • UEC Tokyo

  • ...


Industrial partners

  • Hutchinson

  • Dassault Systèmes

  • Alenia Aermacchi

  • Istituto Motori

  • Festo

  • Bosch

  • Aldebaran Robotics

  • EcoClimaSol

  • DPS

  • ...

PLACIS contact : 

Alexis FRANCOIS / +33 (0) 1 49 45 29 39 /


International and industrials relationship : 

Antoine LANTHONY / +33 (0) 1 49 45 25 36 /


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