Studying abroad

A necessary step towards a modern accomplished engineering career

A trip abroad lasting a semester is compulsory to receive the engineering diploma at the EISTI.

To best prepare our student-engineers to careers which unfold in a globalised context nowadays, and to keep up with the increasingly demanding criteria of employers in this sector, the EISTI has also reinforced the international dimension of its training.

Having some experience abroad is, de fait, a gage of your adaptability: indeed, a foreign exchange or internship requires the capacity to adapt to a new language, different teaching and evaluation methods, new conceptions and ways of thinking. Discovering the culture of a new host country is, in itself, a very rewarding experience.

The benefits are equal parts professional and personal.

Several options are available for students to carry out this trip:

Studying abroad

Student engineers can go and study in a partner university to validate part of their curriculum or to obtain a double diploma.
This type of stay, which is more demanding in terms of academic results, requires the approbation of the Mobility Jury, which gathers at the end of each semester.

Internships abroad

International internships offer a number of advantages. They let you acquire some professional experience whilst improving your language skills and your knowledge of a different country. They are great opportunities for students to build up their personal engineering profiles, beyond specialisation choices.

Lab internships with a partner university

The internship, which is most often carried out within a business, can also take place within a partner university laboratory. The student engineers work on a project which corresponds to their study paths under the supervision of a teacher. Usually, these internships take place in an English-speaking environment, regardless of the country in question.

In this context, student engineers travel to Argentina, China, Colombia, India, Indonesia or Russia. 

Personal walkthrough of the international mobility project

On top of general information meetings and conferences targeting diverse travel topics (Erasmus+ mobility or regarding a precise geographical zone), the EISTI’s International Relations’ Office gives personal walkthroughs of student engineer’s mobility. This starts from year 1 with a wish list and an individual meeting to establish a travel project after having gone through all the steps to complete their application files.
This follow-up is a way to bring the mobility project as close as possible to a student’s professional project.