Master in Quantitative Finance and Risk Management


The Master in Quantitative Finance and Risk Management requires students to complete an internship of minimum 22 weeks.  This professional experience, in complement to the academic skills acquired in the program, is part of the degree requirements and it is essential to the student’s future career. The main objective of the Internships is to ensure a practical application of the instruction given in the program.


The internship assignment is established by mutual consent of the Company, the Student and the EISTI. There needs to be at least 3 meetings with the intern, the referent and the person in charge in the company/research laboratory. Each meeting will lead to a (professional) presentation by the intern which will end in an evaluation.


As well as these meetings, the student will have to write up an internship report containing:

  • The presentation of the company/laboratory
  • The presentation of the mission
  • The analysis and synthesis of the work undertaken
  • A personal analysis of the internship: what worked and what didn’t.


EISTI career center provides different services to assist students in their internship/job research:

  • Career Fairs
  • EISTI ALUMNI meetings
  • CV/cover letter /interview workshops
  • Business conferences with guest speakers
  • Job/internship search tools


Job Opportunities

The most common job opportunities for EISTI graduates:

  • Derivatives Engineer,
  • Quantitative Market Analyst,
  • Quantitative Portfolio Manager,
  • Quantitative Risk Manager,
  • Control and Performance,
  • IT Tools Designer,
  • Actuary,
  • Trader (sell, buy, equities, commodities, FI).


Which types of enterprises?

  • Banks,
  • Insurance,
  • Stock Market,
  • Fortune Management Industry,
  • Internet Financial Services,
  • Hedge-Funds.