Master in Big DATA

A large number of companies need BI systems in order to pilot their activities. Both public and private organizations need to take into consideration more and more constraints: new, stricter rules and regulations, heightened competition, needs for multiple optimizations, etc.

The specialists in this area are looking for people specialized in the domains of analytics, such as statistics, prediction, data mining, operational research etc. to meet the problems and needs of large companies in areas such as risk, fraud, customer relations and marketing etc.

The growing and large demand in these domains gives the students from this master course diverse and varied job opportunities – they could find a job in the area linked to decision support as a Data Scientist, a consulting engineer, research and development worker, tool design engineer, BI/Business Analytics solutions-provider or simply a user of Business Intelligence tools. For those who want to stay in the area of research, they could further their career in both public and private research centers, find a position in higher education or prepare a PhD.