International students



EISTI Scholarship

EISTI offers some scholarships to support international students according to their profile and merits:

  • Excellence Scholarship: reduction of 30% on M2, for outstanding profile candidates 
  • Honour Scholarship: Reduction of 20% on M2 for high-profile candidates 

Requirements: Our scholarships are only available for applicants with excellent profiles with an outstanding GPA, impressive extracurricular activities, awards and achievements.

Accepted applications are automatically submitted to the Scholarship Committee. The deadline for receipt of applications is 15th of March.

(It can't be cumulated with other scholarships like Eiffel).


EIFFEL scholarships

The Eiffel Scholarships launched by the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, managed by Egide, a governmental body, represents a financial support to high-achieving international candidates at master level.

The monthly amount is about €1200.

Who can apply for the EIFFEL Scholarships?
Any student under 30 years with an excellent profile.

How does it work ?
When applying, your application must mention your interest in applying for the EIFFEL Scholarship. First, your application will go through the EISTI Selection and Scholarship Committee. If accepted, the Committee will then decide whether or not your application meets EIFFEL's requirements. EISTI collects all documents required and send them to Egide directly. No individual candidacy is acceptable.

Deadline for receipt of applications by EISTI is: December 2nd, 2016

Announcement of results: Week of March 20th, 2017

You can get more information about EIFFEL Scholarship on




To finance your studies at EISTI we encourage you to apply for a student loan in your home country.



Students enrolled in the Master program will be required to complete an internship of min 22 weeks. According to the French law an internship longer than 2 months needs to be paid and thereby provides students with extra financial resources. An intern working full-time (35h a week) will earn a min of 508EUR per month.