Engineer 'à la française'

Graduating with a french diploma as a foreign student

Travelling to France to get the engineering diploma "à la française" is the guarantee of a world-recognised training.

The EISTI offers its courses to foreign students who wish to obtain an engineering diploma in Mathematics or in IT.

  • Foreign students need to have a Bachelor or a 3rd year of Higher Education (M1to join the EISTI's engineering curriculum.
  • They integrate the 2nd year of engineering school (M1 level) and obtain the diploma in 2 years.


For French-speaking foreign students: direct entrance to 2nd year of engineering school

Be aware that having a sufficient level in French is a vital prerequisite and that you need to prove that you have a minimum level of B2.

For non-French-speaking foreign students: Join the n+i network programme at the EISTI, then join the Engineering school of your choice in 2nd year

The n+i network is a consortium of over 50 top French engineering schools (Grandes Ecoles). The biggest French network in 15 years.

It aims to facilitate the access to top French engineering schools for international non-French-speaking students. With one semester of tailored adaptation and methodological integration, it offers to give them the keys to successfully join their training of choice.

To this aim, since 2013, the EISTI has set up its own semester of integration. Organised from September to December, it takes in both students admitted to the EISTI via the n+i network and those admitted to other schools of the n+i network. It is a necessary step for all the students who do not have the B2 level in French.

The classes take place from mid-September to mid-December, with 22 hours per week, adding up to a total of 280 hours:

  • 90 hours dedicated to learning the French language and culture with an introduction to communication and human relations tools
  • 90 hours dedicated to fundamental science
  • 100 hours dedicated to IT.

At the end of the n+i semester, students will be able to join the conventional curriculum of their chosen engineering school (EISTI or any other), starting from the second semester of 2nd year (M1) until graduation. Seeing that the n+i programme is an integral part of the Engineering curriculum, the ECTS obtained during this semester of adaptation are integrated to overall training credits.  

More information is available on the n+i website at:


French as a Foreign Language classes (FLE): improve your French language skill!

Throughout the year, the EISTI offers 3 hours per week of FLE lessons to all students wishing to improve their French language level.