Mastères Spécialisés ® : intensive and career oriented programs

The way to develop your skills and open up new job opportunities.

A Mastère Spécialisé ® or MS constitutes a reference of the continuation of higher education, of continuous training and professional reorientation.  It is not a State-defined degree; it is a label granted to a specific training program by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles, following a stringent accreditation process that assures lasting excellence and recognition.The EISTI organize 6 MS on vocationnal focus. 

Conceived and prepared by our teaching-researching staff in participation with public and private partners, our MS bring together theoretical classes, internships, business-based research work and the follow-up and support of a professional thesis.

All EISTI's MS are  mainly taught in French.

Who is concerned?

Our MS are designed for students finishing their studies and working professionals regardless of their initial training (engineers, economists, managers, medical professionals, pharmacists, lawyers etc.).

They aim to become highly specialised in an area corresponding to the needs identified by businesses, therefore giving them dual expertise recognised in the labour market

Open to candidates with a Bac+5 (5 years of higher education, following A Levels or the High School Diploma equivalents) or with a Bac+4 plus three-years of professional experience


To discover our MS, you can visit a dedicated website: presentation of the curriculum, forums with the teaching-researching staff, information and documents.


Key figures (from Conférence des Grandes Ecoles):

  • More than 80,000 MS graduates since its creation, including more than 20,000 foreign students
  • Around 40,000 in engineering schools, including more than 12,000 foreign students
  • Almost 450 MS relating to different sectors are accredited by the CGE in 125 different schools