ERP integration Option

3rd year - Engineering School

Context and objectives

Setting up ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is interesting for companies of all sizes (SMEs, middle-market companies and big businesses) and of all sectors. It has a specific purpose: to homogenize business information systems with a unique tool capable of covering large business processes, such as:

  • Purchasing management
  • Sales management
  • Accounting: general auxiliary and assets
  • Controlling
  • Production management (planning, etc.)
  • Stock management (logistics)

This Option trains future engineers to company trades and their application in ERP. An ERP installation creates significant disruptions in information systems, process and organisation. Engineers belonging to this Option will have acquired the necessary knowledge to organise and facilitate transition from the old system to the new one without provoking a business activity interruption and carry out the full transition from start to finish.

The selection and installation of an ERP calls for a solid knowledge of the different software that the market has to offer and an excellent understanding of business functions, both of which are considered in the curriculum.

EISTI engineers who have followed this Option are therefore very aware of business process. They are prepared to go through with this type of technological project; they are able to hold up a constructive dialog with the different company protagonists: functional management and IT management. Training is thought through in a very operational manner, close to the needs of the firms that students will join.



Functional/technical functional consultant • ERP technical expert • Information systems architect • Project manager • Systems integrator • Business strategy consultant • ERP project manager • Pre-sales engineer



  • Company professions
  • Practical training in all the main ERPs:
    • Microsoft
    • Open Source
  • SAP TERP10 certification: This highly demanding certification validates a cross-functional level of knowledge on the main enterprise resource planning software developed by SAP, world leader in business software. The EISTI is the only French engineering school (and one of the mere 5 in Europe) to offer this professional certification with a success rate of 90%.
  • Customisation & Configuration
  • Development


  • 22 weeks of internship within a company


  • Business project and final study project


Company chair

The EISTI’s ERP Integration Option is supported by the CAPGEMINI Company chair in ERP integration. Our partner gets directly involved in letting experts handle close to a hundred hours of teaching in the class – including introduction to its «Delivery Capgemini Project» methodology



Head of option

Jerôme Morges