Engineering school: your future starts here


In an ever-mutating world where technologies are replaced at great speed, the EISTI has chosen to constantly adapt its teaching in the aim of leading its students to the most attractive and innovative jobs and endow them with a highly recognised and appreciated diploma.

Tailored and progressively evolving studies over 3 years in Engineering Mathematics or Computer Engineering

Engineering training at the EISTI unfolds over three years following a personalised and gradual curriculum. You pick one of the two core engineering paths upon entrance to the school, Engineering Mathematics or Computer Engineering, and can then build your own personal curriculum.

At the EISTI you can really take the time to find the path that suits you best. Our teaching method aims to make you the main protagonist of your own education.

Step by step, you will identify the areas of expertise that you really find interesting. The internships and projects that you shall carry out will give you a tangible vision of their application.

At the end of the 1st year, you can choose the track that you prefer among the two that each engineering path has to offer. During that 2nd year, you will begin to really get to grips with what job or jobs are attractive to you.

It is in 3rd year that you then specialize in a domain amongst the different Options available, proceeding to an in-depth formation that will bring a high level of expertise to your profile.


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Multiplying your experiences, apprehending globalisation

In an effort to make a wide spectrum of experience available to our students, the EISTI offers the opportunity to obtain highly-valued doubles-diplomas in France and abroad during the length of the 3-year engineering training. Important note: Moreover, a 3-month stay abroad is necessary for graduation.

Preparing you for the business world

Our student engineers collaborate early on with professionals, particularly during the internships spread out over the 3 years of the Engineering curriculum. This first experience is a real steppingstone to entering the business world. The EISTI diploma is recognised and highly appreciated by companies, as demonstrated by the excellent rates of professional integration that our young graduates benefit from.

Every step of the way, the teaching and administrative staff of the EISTI will be at your side to guide you towards the best possible choices.