Engineering school: 3rd year


sThe 3rd year is when you obtain your diploma, but it begins with the choice of your Option of specialisation, a real steppingstone to your first job. This choice depends on the path chosen in 2nd year.

In an effort to always remain open to evolution, our options can be revised every year.

The 3rd year is paced by several highlights: 

  • A company internship lasting a minimum of 5 months
  • A final year project

This last year is also a very favourable time to obtain a double diploma, either in France or abroad, and in fields which are highly complementary to those taught at the EISTI. The double diploma opportunities offered at the EISTI are one of our school’s strong specificities. Over half of our students obtain a Master-level double diploma.

At last, students interested in creating their own business can benefit from an original support system and can dedicate their internship to their project..


The 3rd year Option

The choice of option is made depending on the path chosen during the 2nd year. Lessons are taught in small groups with an essential importance given to practical work classes and to projects. Download the 3rd year programme

Maths-Finance Path 

Maths-IT   Path

Information Systems engineering path Business Information engineering path

Financial Engineering 

Data Science

Coming soon

Business Intelligence 1 Analytics


Engineering Mathematics and Computer Simulation 

Visual Computing


Finance & technologies

Embedded Systems


Engineering in Cloud Computing


Smart Systems



Artificial Intelligence



Graduation also depends on: 

  • Getting 800  (out of 990) points at the TOEIC (Test Of English for International Communication)
  • Having been abroad for a semester.