Engineering school: 2nd year


In 2nd year, you begin to have a sense of what your career plan will be, and select the study path which suits you best.

600 hours of lessons are organised around a common core course and one of the 4 study paths, with 2 paths per engineering branch, the first orientation towards a specialisation.


Common course 200 hours

  • Company Management
  • Modern Languages
  • Human relations

Study paths 400 hours 

  • Engineering Mathematics 

Maths-Finance Path: This path combines skills in finance, mathematics and computer science and brings together mathematical modelling and IT deployment. It sets the scientific roots of finance leading to the Financial Engineering Option in 3rd year. Program 2016/2017 coming soon.


Maths-IT Path: Putting mathematical methods and algorithms used for computer simulation into practice, optimising under constraint and searching for information hidden in collected data are the cornerstone of this path. A large part of it is dedicated to analysis of practical solutions (storage, time and calculation costs, the propagation of computer errors) intrinsic to the relevance of the decisions and results that are expected from an engineer. Program 2016/2017 coming soon.


  • IT Engineering

Information Systems engineering path: This path gives students the technical, methodological and scientific basis allowing them to adequately collect, store, share and render data. The acquired skills are equally hardware and software, revolving around modelling and conception. Automatic analysis of information and knowledge representation and reasoning are amply tackled. Program 2016/2017 coming soon.


Business Information engineering path: Setting up and supporting the evolution of business information systems is the topic of this path, following three facets: IT, company trades and project management. The main technical aspects are system architectures, conception and tuning of databases, security management and web development. The business dimension of projects is tackled with the major business functions and processes. Program 2016/2017 coming soon.


At the end of the 2nd year, you will choose an Option of specialisation for your 3rd year, which will serve as a real steppingstone to the business world.