Engineering in Cloud Computing Option

3rd year - Engineering School

Context and objectives

Continuous changes in a worldwide market impact companies with new perspective about the way the build IT. The growth of networks, the variety of data, the normalization of data exchange and the expansion of web technologies imply to completely rebuild IT systems. The changes should be done respecting two main goals: security and simplicity. 
Cloud Computing Engineering is a solution to support such evolutions with new solutions to:

  • access to heterogeneous data
  • access to IT system anywhere and  from any device 
  • security of exchanges into and outside companies
  • virtualization of hardware and software

55% of companies are using cloud computing. The services associated to cloud computing increase continuously.  It is a very important market for small and big companies, with very high growth perspectives.

In ICC, we teach all the technologies of Cloud Computing, from conception to usages: distributed architecture, friendly web interfaces, mobile programming, efficient  data processing, technical protocols, security.  With eight promotion trained in the field of Cloud computing, EISTI stands as a major partner with the concerns companies. They really appreciate the skills of their future employee allowing them to deal quickly with innovative project. 
 Big Data, that is a major evolution of data processing is also teached, especially for Data Architect aspects.


Double Diploma

It is possible to follow the master degree in “Internet technologies” in Pau University during the year to obtain a double diplôma.


IT Architect • New technologies developer • Research and development project manager • DevOps • Data Architect



In this training, we address all the necessary knowledge to build and use this new paradigm. We can split it in three parts:  technologies from grid computing, technologies from service oriented architectures and technologies specific to cloud computing.

  •     Security: cryptography, authentication (SSO, OAuth), certificate, VPN, firewall, attacks,..

  • Reactive programming : Scala, Play!, Akka, rx (rxJS, rxScala), Message queue

  • Cloud Data : Linked Open Data, Big data, Machine learning, Elastic search, Redis, HDFS, Spark

  • Cloud infrastructure : virtualization, monitoring, docker, automatic cluster installation

  • Cloud database : NoSQL database

  • Cloud front : AngularJS, VueJS, NodeJS, ReactJS, rxJS, d3JS, Android, Web design,...

  • Ergonomic : typography, colors, shape, design

  • Stakes and prospects : bibliography, technical surveillance, scientific article



  • 22 weeks of internship within a companie


  • Final study project


Business Chair

ICC is supported by a business chair from VMWare 


Heads of Option

Florent Devin    Yannick Le Nir