Embedded Systems Option

3rd year - Engineering School

Context and objectives

Embedded systems, often critical, real-time and subject to various non-functional constraints such as memory occupancy or energy consumption, underlie the contemporary digital society. These autonomous and intelligent systems must also address other issues related to their strategic importance such as safety, security, robustness and reliability.

With the widespread use of data exchange techniques, embedded systems are now communicating. The development of these connected objects thus mobilizes, in addition to general software knowledge, competences specific to the embedded world, such as, for example, real-time operating systems, microprocessor architecture, network protocols, embedded interfaces, artificial intelligence or code optimization.

The Embedded Systems option trains future engineers who are experts in embedded software technologies which are at the heart of highly innovative industrial applications such as aeronautics, automotive, robotics, home automation and the Internet of Things (IoT).


Double Diplomas

A partnership between the EISTI, the Cergy-Pontoise University and the ENSEA gives Embedded Systems Option students the opportunity to simultaneously take one of the following curriculums from Master 2 Recherche Informatique et Ingénierie des Systèmes Complexes (IISC)  : "Images et Masses de Données" (IMD), "Signal et Télécommunications" (ST), "Intelligence Artificielle et Robotique" (IAR), "Electronique des Systèmes Autonomes" (ESA), "Modélisation pour l'Analyse des Données Complexes" (MADOCS), et "Innovations Technologiques et Entrepreneuriat" (ITEN).
Among these, two are really complementary to the INEM option :

  • The 2nd year of  "Robotics Artificial Intelligence" Research Master.

  • The 2nd year of "MADOCS - Data Scientist" Research Master. 

The students can also take the following master with Paris Dauphine University :

  • The 2nd year of "ISI - Intelligent Systems" Research Master.




Embedded Project Manager • Embedded Technology Expert • Embedded Software Engineer • Robotic Software Engineer • IoT Engineer • Software Validation Engineer, and more...




  • Architecture
    • Embedded system architectures
    • Embedded Linux real-time operating systems
    • Hardware software interface
    • Compilation


  • Programming
    • Robot Operating System
    • Arduino programming
    • Android programming
    • Programming languages : C, Qt, Python, etc.


  • Security
    • Cyber- security
    • Embedded software quality
    • Safety analysis
    • Verification and validation


  • Applications
    • Internet of Things
    • Embedded IHM
    • Embedded  artificial intelligence
    • Business model


  • Experts' interventions on the field of embedded system technologies


  • 22 weeks of internship within a company


  • Final study project



Head of option

Nga Nguyen