EISTI prepa: 1st year admission with an S Baccalaureate

The EISTI Prepa is accessible via the Concours Avenir BAC for French high school scientific graduates. Registration for application to the school and competitive entrance exam happen via the post-baccalaureate admission platform Parcoursup.


The Concours Avenir is a steppingstone to 7 engineering schools (present in 12 campuses) who accept high school graduates: the ECE, EIGSI, EISTI, EPF, ESIGELEC, ESILV, and ESTACA.
The Concours Avenir is just one choice out of the twelve educational career paths available on Parcoursup the post-baccalaureate admission portal, in the “formations d’ingénieurs” category.



All candidates coming from Terminale S (general baccalaureate) studying in a French or AEFE-approved high school at the time of application.



Procedure and calendar

Each candidate must establish their wish list, according to administrative procedure and the Parcoursup portal calendar. Scientific baccalaureate candidates can list 10 establishments, including EISTI Cergy and EISTI Pau.
No matter how many establishments are listed, only one wish will be retained in the Parcoursup portal.

  • Applications take place at Parcoursup

  • Qualifications and marks will be examined (marks for the 1st and two first trimesters of the 2nd scientific years of high school + French baccalaureate marks).

  • Candidate pre-selection: the best candidates, called “Grands Classés”, are exempt from written selection exams.

  • Written selection exams: all the other candidates and convened on the 8th of May.

  • Final candidate ranking is made according to school and entrance exam marks.

  • A single common passing candidates’ list is published.

  • Accepted candidates are assigned

Students can know their assignment results (depending on their Concours Avenir ranking and the wishes they made) during the 3 phases of admission propositions directly from the Parcoursup portal.

All the information you need and the calendar can be found at www.concoursavenir.fr and Parcoursup portal.


Concours Avenir exams

  • 1 common day of exams, the 8th of  May, everywhere in France, overseas departments and territories, and in certain foreign countries
  • 1 single administrative file and reduced application fees
  • 4 exams lasting 4 hours and a half in total, all in the form of multiple choice quizzes (MCQ) :  



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