Double diplomas

More than just an engineer

Nowadays, disciplines interweave and professional careers are increasingly diversified.

Companies expect their engineers to be versatile, on top of their expertise. This polyvalence allows them to practice a more enlightened kind of management, to approach disciplines related to their job with greater ease, to be more open to the world and business culture…

A double diploma is an answer to these expectations.

What are we specifically talking about? Giving you the means to obtain, on top of the EISTI engineering degree, a diploma from a second establishment so as to strengthen your training, and provide you with a second skill.


The EISTI is the school of double diplomas with prestigious universities and management schools, in France and abroad. Access to complementary courses and parallel forms of expertise are part of the school’s strong values. These are apparent in our numerous partnerships. We offer you the possibility to complete your engineering training with specialised curriculums in management, mathematics, finance and in certain computering branches.


Depending on to what path you choose at the EISTI, different types of complementary training are available: parallel curriculums, double diplomas lasting 4 years, extra courses with an ongoing EISTI engineering curriculum, and more. Your career project is unique and so is each double diploma! We stand by our students’ side to build their future together.









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*Double Diplomas under  admissions conditions