Data Science option

3rd year - Engineering School

Context and Objectives

Information has long been a strategic asset for businesses, a vital support of decision-making.
It is useful to many activities as marketing, management, production, supply chain, financial analysis, operational research, and more.
The new stakes linked to Big Data and Open Data make processing and analysing information increasingly complex and challenging. The exponential growth of data volume and flow makes it difficult to work with only traditional tools. On top of what we call “structured” data, which can be managed by conventional IT applications, there are masses of other data which are considered “unstructured" and/or are of different types. Thus, powerful and specific algorithms now need to be developed, and adapted to real-time if need.
The aim of this Option  is to train expert engineers in the field of Data Science; they will be able to handle IT in complex operational contexts, and particularly to solve the issues of Big Data.
Data Scientists will be specialist of tools and algorithms that mine and process rich information, in very large quantities and originating from multiple sources, while ensuring that the result is coherent.  They will be able to analyse and interpret the resulting model.

Their role is also to ensure that it is possible to facilitate understanding data and models to not specialists’ users, through visualisation tools for example. The Option  relies on high expertise in the different fields of analytics:

  • Statistics
  • Predictive analysis
  • Complex data analysis
  • Data quality and visualisation
  • Data mining and machine learning
  • Forecasting  models
  • Operational research.

Double - Diploma

Students of Data Science's option are given the opportunity to take simultaneously one the following curriculums :

  • Master 2 MODO (Modélisation, Optimisation, Décision et Organisation) - Paris-Dauphine
  • Master 2 MIAGE (Informatique décisionnelle) - Paris-Dauphine
  • Master 2 MIAGE IF (Informatique pour la Finance) _ Paris -Dauphine
  • Master 2 ISI (Infomatique - Systèmes intelligents) - Paris- Dauphine
  • DU Big Data @ Paris Seine - Université de Cergy Pontoise


Data Scientist • Data Analyst • Data Engineer • Data manager • Business Analytics Engineer • Decision Making Engineer

The Data Science Option leads to a large range of sectors.



  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Complex and Big Data Analysis
  • Data Mining and Application
  • Data Mining and visualisation
  • Social Networks Analysis
  • Web Mining
  • Text Mining
  • Semantic Web
  • Forecasting Models
  • Constraints Programming
  • Multiobjective Optimisation
  • Python,R, Scala.
  • Hadoop, Spark


  • 22 weeks of internship within a company
  • Final study project


Head of option 

Maria Malek