Big Data Analytics Option

3rd year - Engineering School

Context and objectives

DATA and High Performance Computing (HPC)

Nowadays, industry is adopting new technologies, which leads to new challenges. A new approach to the analysis of massive amounts of data implies must be considered, as emerging  complex processes require a thorough knowledge and hands-on practice of innovative algorithms: Neural-network based Deep Learning, image processing and recognition, Compressed Sensing,... These newer algorithms cannot be fully exploited without taking into consideration state-of-the-art parallel and distributed systems: Cloud Computing, Big Data frameworks, Data Analytics tools and HPC are an integral part of our courses. BDA guarantees an advanced, well-balanced training in Mathematics and Informatics, reinforced by an integrated  Master’s double degree in HPC.


Double Diploma

BDA curriculum also integrates a double degree with the Master HPC of the Universities of Santiago de Compostela and A. Coruña (Spain). (see more information)

Work areas

Data Engineering, Aeronautics and Spatial, Geosciences, Nuclear science, Health, Environment, Meteorology, smart Mobility...

Job prospects

Data Engineer, Expert in Parallel Computing, Engineer R&D, HPC project manager...




  • Mathematics
    • Deep Learning (et traitement des images)
    • Simulation et analyse des données
    • Algorithms for image analysis
    • Modelisation project
    • Image processing projec


  • Informatics
    • Cloud Computing for Analytics
    • Big Data frameworks
    • Visualisation des données
    • Data Analytics Project


  • Master HPC (integrated)
    • High Performance Architectures
    • Parallel Programming
    • HPC Tools
    • Data Analytics with HPC
    • Parallel Programming
    • Heterogeneous Programming


  • Transversal project


  • Final study project


  • 22 weeks of internship within a company


Head of option

Juan Angel Lorenzo

Karima El Ganaoui