FAQ Covid-19 Measures

To CY Tech (EISTI) students

In the current situation with the COVID-19 epidemic, all the academic activities in presential in the school buildings are now stopped and indefinitely. Consequently we set up distance learning. Furthermore, all the supporting services continue to operate (SRI, SRE, GE, …). You can still contact them by email.

The access to the campuses of Pau and Cergy (all buildings included) are strictly prohibited, from Monday 16th march 2020.

This prohibition is justified by the fact that, as young people, you potentially are healthy carriers of the coronavirus. You should also restrict your movements, avoid meetings, and follow the online courses from home (an internet connexion is required).

All the courses are done with distance measures (video, AREL, emails, …)

For a better organisation and over all this period, all the courses remain on your AREL schedule and correspond to your distance courses.

Below you will find some instructions and guidelines.


Regarding residence permits

Extension of the period of validity of residence permits

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the validity of the following documents, which expire from March 16, 2020, is extended by 3 months:

  • Long stay visas
  • All residence permits (except special permits issued to foreign diplomatic and consular staff)
  • Provisional residence permits
  • "Récépissés" for residence permit applications

This extension is automatic. It also extends social rights and the right to work.


Regarding the mobility

The students in ING2 and ING3 this academic year 2019/2020, have all validated their mobility as the institutional authorities of the school have decided.

-        All the trips abroad are cancelled. The students who are concerned are encouraged to find an internship in France.

-        For the students who are currently in a foreign country :

  • If the partner school provides an educational follow-up, access to online courses and maintaining the exams, we encourage you to stay in mobility (please keep the international office informed)
  • If the partner school does not provide an educational follow-up, you can come back to France if you want to and from now. You can ask for a refund of your travel tickets and cancel your accommodation etc. (even if scheduled for this summer).

Validation conditions are not defined yet, we’ll let you know.

You’re allowed to intern in your home country. Before you go, make sure you're healthy.


Regarding foreign students

-        You can come back in your families ensuring that you have an internet connexion and keep following the pedagogical cursus on AREL.


Regarding internships


-        International internships : they are cancelled and the students who are concerned should look for an internship in France. They will be flexibility about the duration of these internships.

-        Internships are allowed in France (there is no notion of cluster anymore).

Caution, the priority is your health and the health of others.


It is possible to start your internship with teleworking provided that your hosting company has implemented everything before your arrival so you are not on your own. It is also possible to start your internship a little later on to ensure your optimal integration in the company (tolerance principle about the internship duration). 

It is not possible to start an internship abroad, even with teleworking (directives of the Ministry).

Internship topic

Considering the difficulty to find an internship, you can ask for the validation of your missions in the following areas : Humanitarian, Sustainable Development, Corporate social responsibility, Entrepreneurship, Assistance actions as part of Covid-19 (health crisis). Thank you to inform the SRE service. 

Precision : Finding a job does not conform to the school required skills, and to the academic frame of your studies. 


If the company asks for postponing the date of the beginning of the internship, this is approved ! You just have to contact the SRE.

The duration of the internship is no longer an issue regarding the situation. We will validate all duration (for this reason, there is no more fixed date for internship beginning, you start when you can after the end of the courses, you just have to finish by the 28th august 2020).


Termination of the contract/no contract

If the company wants a termination of the contract, this is approved, try to get another internship and inform the SRE.

We are searching for a solution for students who may not find an internship, they will not be prejudiced. (without a duration restriction I think we will find solutions).


For the professional contracts (apprentice) : 

There is a pedagogical continuity, so you have to follow the courses online. A message will be sent to your companies (I know that there was a misunderstanding in yesterday's instructions).


Regarding the students in double degree

-        You follow the instructions of the partner school as well as ours, since there is a pedagogical continuity with the distance learning.

Regarding exams

-        All tests are cancelled (TOEIC, resit exams and exams). We will get back to you with more information.

-        Also, the CY Cergy Paris University presidence gave us the instruction to take this situation into consideration in the validation of your academic semester and we will.


Regarding 3rd-year options choices

Most of them are done. Remaining cases will be treated later.


Regarding learning tools

You should have received an email from the IT Service (DOSI).

Elian Masnada, a CY Tech teacher, also created a youtube tutorial in english to help you to use TEAMS.


Regarding psychological support

Jean-Gabriel OFFROY, student life advisor, is here to help you. Send him an email jgo@eisti.eu to book a phone call.


Regarding CROUS

Catering / CROUS restaurants :

- No more food served (either eat-in or take-out)


Accomodation : 

- All students (from France or abroad) can join their home and families since Friday in order not to be isolated (in the limitation of last containment rules since the president declaration of Monday). 

- For those who want to stay in their accommodation, you are allowed to, the residences stay open. One important measure is now implemented : when the students leave their accommodation, even if they did not have the time to leave it empty and remove all your personal belongings (which is equivalent to block the accommodation for a new tenant), the actual one month notice does no longer apply, since you will not have to pay started from 1st april. For this, you have to signify your departure to the CROUS (even after you left the accommodation) . 

- No move from an apartment to another empty one is now taken into account as most of the students kept their apartment. 

- As far as possible the students in need of an accommodation when school will start again, will be accepted in our residences.


- If sick people are hosted in our residences, they have to contact their doctor and signify it to the administration of their residence so the CROUS can help them (including for food, and essential products). It is also important they respect the health recommendations (please find attached the details).


- The CROUS and CNOUS will maintain their activities with no interruption including for the scholarship payment


- Social workers working at CROUS keep working but you can contact them exclusively by phone, emails or skype, not face to face



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Updated April 4, 2020.