Key time in the life of an Eistian

The EISTI values periods of internship as an essential element of our training.All of our courses (except for the Prepa curriculum) feature them.

The first student-engineer encounter with the business world happens through these company experiences, during which they discover the professional world and acquire new skills.

The periods of time that are dedicated to these are particularly long: more than 50 weeks are incorporated into the engineering curriculum with an internship at the end of each year. The internship can take place in France or abroad.

The objective is to allow the student to experience company life, adapt to new work methods, reinforce and make their knowledge more complete and get familiar with professional life all along their training. The end of the year internship is also a very important stepping stone to reach their first job.

The EISTI aims to give its students all the assets they need for a successful professional insertion.


Periods and lengths of internships for the engineering curriculum:

  • 1rst year: 14 weeks
  • 2nd year: 22 weeks 
  • 3rd year: 24 weeks

Periods and lengths of internships for International Masters:

(Business Analytics International Master and Quantitative Finance and Risk Management International Master):

  • 22 to 24 weeks starting from the 20th April in the 2nd year of Master in project management with a research dimension 

Internship supervisor day

The conclusion of the 2nd and 3rd year of the Engineering cycle internships is the internship supervisor day dedicated to the report defences. Business representatives are invited to take part in the juries. It is a privileged moment to interact with the teaching staff and, of course, with the students. The internships come to a pleasant conclusion with these days and a lunch bringing together business representatives, teachers and students.

The EISTI Career Centre


The EISTI Career Centre is a secure space dedicated to the school’s partner businesses which offers many functions. Students also have access to it.

Companies can put up internship and job offers that they wish to broadcast to students there. This is a way to enhance the direct link with the recruiter. If you are a partner, posting an internship or job offer is as easy as a click on the "Leave an offer" button.

The EISTI Career Centre is also a privileged space to communicate with students: businesses can broadcast videos, presentations of their different activities or professions, recruitment event ads, challenges, etc.

You’re not an EISTI partner yet?

Don’t wait to become one! You only need to create an account at the Career Center (or at