Creating a strong link with the professional world

Businesses and the EISTI share a narrow and permanent relationship. All our training is inspired by the vision of professionals. This proximity is essential to remain as close as possible to the needs in skill and expertise of the industries that employ our interns and graduates.

For instance, 20% of the teachers of the engineering curriculum are replaced every year so as to integrate the latest innovations and efficiently prepare students with the knowledge necessary to the professions of tomorrow.

Proximity isn’t real without taking the time for interaction and sharing, which is why there are multiple occasions to collaborate, meet and partner up with businesses:

  • Internships have a centrepiece position in our training. 60 weeks are dedicated to this over the three years of the engineering curriculum with an internship at the end of each year. These can take place both in France and abroad.
  • Meetings are organised on a regular basis, the first of which are the 2 Student/Business Forums: the forum of the Cergy Campus,  and the forum of the Pau campus.
  • Business projects and final projects offer companies an opportunity to make students work on substantial questions that concern them directly.
  • Company chairs constitute a type of strong partnership with the school.
  • A variety of partnerships are available: company scholarships granted to students, student society or class sponsorships, and more.

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