Over 50 professions in all the different sectors of activity

The EISTI juggles between IT, communication, mathematical, management and social sciences and is a steppingstone to over 50 professions in the sectors that are currently hiring.

  • Financial engineering careers: Quantitative analyst • Quantitative portfolio manager • Trader • Financial/derivative engineer • Actuary
  • Engineering Mathematics and Computer Simulation careers: Structural engineer • Modelling engineer • Methods engineer • Project manager • Research and development engineer
  • Data Science careers: Data scientist • Data mining engineer• Business intelligence analyst •  Research and development engineer • Calculation, performance assessment, decision support or data mining tools engineer, developer or user
  • Cybersecurity careers: Information Systems Security Officer • Information Security Manager • Data Security Expert • Cryptographic Expert • Software Reliability Expert • Telecom and Network Security Expert • Audit and Security Consultant
  • Imaging and Virtual Reality careers (gaming, web and simulation): Consulting Engineer • Quality engineer • Development engineer • Study engineer • Research engineer
  • Embedded IT careers : Engineer project manager • Embedded technology expert engineer • Embedded software architecture engineer • software development specialist engineer • Qualification/validation engineer
  • Cloud Computing careers: Information system architect • New technology developer • Project manager • Research and development engineer
  • Business Intelligence, Consulting and Company Information Systems careers: Consulting (consultant, architect, technical or functional expert) • Systems integrator (study engineer, project manager and director) •  Project manager
  • Big Data careers: Data scientist • Data analyst • Data architect • BI engineer • Decision support engineer • Cloud computing engineer
  • Mechatronics careers: Major industrial project manager • Research and development engineer (IPGP) 

The professions taught by the EISTI are transversal and concern all the major sectors of activity.