Group of former students

Le Cercle des anciens

With more than 30 school years and 3900 former students, the EISTI has a network which is very well integrated in the professional world, both in France and abroad.

Loyal to the school, the Alumni will participate in major events in the school (open days, the gala, special themed events, graduation ceremony etc.).

Our former students share their professional experience with the current students. They help in the hunt for (and getting of) internships, are there to advise young graduates as they enter the world or work or move on in different paths. In the business world, our Alumni constantly promote the school’s name and reputation by sharing and using what they learned here at the EISTI. They can anticipate changes and fluxes in the markets, and always play a part in the evolution and development of the school.

Thomas ESTERLE, the president of the “Cercle des Anciens”, has a place on the board of directors of the EISTI.

As a member of the CNISF (National Board of French Engineers and Scientists), the Cercle brings together our graduates and organizes many special events with this aim in mind: specially-themed professional dinners, after-work events, school-year reunions, sports competitions, etc. These events reinforce the solidarity between all Eistiens: past, present, forever.

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