During her visit to Paris, Maria AFANASYEVA, international mobility coordinator at TUSUR University, a partner university located in Tomsk in Siberia, tells us a bit more about her school and its similarities with EISTI.

Please introduce TUSUR…

Created in 1962 in Tomsk in Siberia, TUSUR means Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics and is similar to an Engineering school. It is a public university created to train specialists in domain such as electronics and aerospace. Its specialisations are strongly high-tech oriented.

Each year TUSUR welcomes 12.000 students.

Through regular contacts, TUSUR and EISTI became partners two years ago. Last summer we received 4 students from Cergy and Pau in TUSUR’s laboratory.

TUSUR is very open to international students…

First, we offered internships and academic semesters in English. 2000 international students study at TUSUR each year. Their student union is very dynamic.

TUSUR recently joined LMD system which enables the university to offer about 40 bachelors and 20 masters degrees. ECTS are already used since several years.

TUSUR is known for its project-based education…

It offers an applied education and project-based activity starts from the second year of studies. It is the first university to combine its traditionnal research and teaching activity with a wide opening towards the corporate world.

Tomsk is one of the four special economic areas created by the russian government.  It is particularly dedicated to technologies and innovation.

At TUSUR, there is an incubator but also an investment fund, a marketing service for products, and other structures helping to create innovating companies. The alumni network is very involved.

Give 5 reasons to motivate Eisti’s students to do their international mobility to Tomsk

  1. The location ! Tomsk is located at the heart of Russia which offers the possibility to visit easily the country. Summer is beautiful, and winter is dry, but easily bearable.
  2. Created during 17th century, Tomsk is a beautiful city whose specificity lies in a few thousand traditional wooden houses.
  3. It is a very safe ‘campus’ city. Thanks to its infrastructures, the city is able to welcome thousands of students from the 6 universities established in Tomsk.
  4. Cost of living is very cheap. For example, at TUSUR, you can attend russian courses for 60€ per month.
  5. Students’ accommodations are managed by universities. TUSUR just opened a new residence for students with very low prices.


Thank you Maria, большое спасибо !

For further information about TUSUR, please contact EISTI’s International Office.

TUSUR website


Crédit photos : TUSUR.