Partnerships with Serbia

EISTI participated in an Erasmus Week organised at Singidunum University in Serbia in May 2018.
The collaboration with Serbia started in November 2016 when EISTI had the opportunity to meet teams from Singidunum University and from the Belgrade Banking Academy during the Higher Education Fair organised in Belgrade.
They decided to apply together to an Erasmus+ project in the framework of the International Credit Mobility part. A few months later they received a positive answer.
 First students from Singidunum already attended courses at EISTI during the second semester of the academic year 2017 2018. Eisti’s student, on their side, will be able to go and study there from the next semester, one of them will also have the chance to benefit from an Erasmus+ ICM grant.
 In the framework of the widening of collaboration with Serbia, EISTI is in contact with Novi Sad University to set up a partnership. Two EISTI’s students are currently doing their internship there.
 Two professors from the Belgrade Banking Academy will come and visit EISTI during the Fall 2018 in the framework of the master in Quantitative Finance.