L'EISTI in engineering schools rankings

Discover how The EISTI has been ranked in 2016 and in 2017.

SMBG 2017

EISTI 1st engineering school spécialized in computer science


L'Etudiant 2017

The 2017 engineering school ranking by the student magazine L'Étudiant has just been published. The EISTI has been particularly well ranked in  Proximity to Companies

  • Performance : 
    • 6th out of 35 private schools
  • Proximity to Companie
    • 3rdex aequo out of 35 private schools
    • 6thex aequo out of 77 ranked schools (post secondary school in 5 years)



L'Usine nouvelle 2017

106 engineering  schools ranked

  • Integration of students (in the labour market) :
    • 1stout of 106 ranked engineering schools